Find members across files and libraries


This AS400 utility lets you search for file-members across files and libraries, a feature that OS400 does not support. It is possible to search for specific names but generic searches following the OS400 generic rules are also supported. Members found in a search can either be printed or displayed in a subfile (see screen-shot below). If displayed in a subfile, a number of operations can be performed on them.

It is meant to be a productivity-booster for AS400 programmers, but it is also a low-cost alternative to assist in change-management.

Although the primary intention is to help you manage your source-files, the utility also supports searching through physical file-members and most operations on physical file-members are supported too.

The screenshot below is the result of this search: Find all members in all files that start with the name EDI through all libraries in the current library-list. As you can see, you get the search-results in a subfile. The subfile can either be sorted by member, file and library, or by library, file and member.

Retrieved members can be edited, copied, displayed, printed (source-files only), deleted, renamed, or compared using IBM's CMPPFM command.

On top of that, you can search for a string of characters across all retrieved members, and have a specified operation performed on the members in which the search-text is found.

The program can be downloaded as shareware. As such, it is fully functional. If you decide to use it continually, you should register it. Registration can be done online. There are some additional benefits when you register (see below). The price of the registered version is US$ 70/€ 59.


User Guide

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System Requirements

Download and Registration

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Instructions on how to upload to the AS400 are provided in a readme.txt file that is included in the zip-file. Or check the user-guide.

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After successful registration, you will receive an e-mail with the license-key number and a zip-file with the FNDMBR-prototypes. To enter the license-key, press F22 on the main-screen of the utility.

order FNDMBR securely

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