What is QuickSpot?

"A butt-saver !" Steven Y. West Orange, NJ/USA
"Works great ! A job that normally took about 3 hours now takes 10 to 15 minutes. Have been looking for such a program for a long time." Ron P. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

QuickSpot is a visual file compare and folder compare utility. It compares 2 text-files or folders and highlights the differences found between them. File-differences can be reported in detail, down to each individual byte or character. Lines that are not in synch will be highlighted for quick identification. Differences can be edited, viewed, printed or saved as a file.

In QuickSpot, you can set unique comparison-criteria that find the needle in the haystack! You can compare specific lines or all lines, narrow down the comparison across specific positions per line, and filter out source-code comments. You can also skip a number of lines repeatedly, or compare different ranges in the files.

File- and folder-editing features allow a quick fix of the discrepancies found by QuickSpot. A scrolling line-container lets you compare any 2 lines and shows all differences between them, character by character. You can deal with any discrepancy found right on the spot. In addition, there is a find/replace option and support for copying/merging text between the 2 files; files can also be saved and printed. In the folder-section, individual files can be viewed/opened, deleted, renamed, moved or copied.

Various options are available how to display the loaded files or folders and the discrepancies between them. All settings can be changed at any time and can be saved permanently. Extensive online help with plenty of examples gets you up and running in no time !

The shareware version is freely available (click here to download). It will work like the registered version, except that each comparison you run is limited to 50 lines. The registered version can compare everything you loaded in QuickSpot at once. The registered version is available for a low US$ 29.00 or € 25.00.

How can you use QuickSpot ?

Unlimited possibilities ! Just a few suggestions:

And, we're sure, there are many, many more uses for it !

Download and Registration

Download QuickSpot V4.2 now

Download QSPOT42.EXE to a folder of your choice. Once downloaded, start the program by double-clicking on it. It is a self-extracting program that does everything for you, both unzip and install. You do not need any special software like WinZip.

Download QuickSpot V4.2 now
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Register QuickSpot securely

The shareware must be up and running on your computer before it can be registered. Registering is easy. Click above to get to the RegNow website, a well-established shareware-registration service offering a quick, easy and safe way of registering the shareware you decided to purchase.

When registering, you will be prompted for your name, address, e-mail and a valid credit card. You choose the name the product will be licensed to. Upon successful registration, you will immediately receive your license number. Please enter this number together with the registration name into QuickSpot. Choose Help, then Registration Information, and enter the details. Detailed instructions are provided in QuickSpot Help.

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